Thursday, January 3, 2008


On the 2nd I didn't spend much time near my house during daylight hours and chose to drive to work :-( So didn't add anything to the list. But today was a different story. On the ride to work I picked up a few common things like ROCK PIGEON (#20), NORTHERN FLICKER, DARK-EYED JUNCO, and BLUE JAY. But the real fun began when I got home from work around 4:15. While letting my roomie's dog out in the front yard, a flock of ~40 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS zoomed by on the far side of the street! A great bird that has been around in numbers this winter, but one that I was worried I'd miss. These are the first I've seen in the neighborhood, although there are plenty of ripe fruit trees around. I grabbed my bins and headed outside with my brother to see if we could track down the flock. We couldn't find them, but there were plenty of other goodies in the neighborhood. Before it got dark we picked up BROWN CREEPER (#25), a MERLIN (pic of a bird captured in the Goshute Mountains, NV in 2006), and COMMON RAVEN.

Total: 27

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