Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Valmont 4-2-08

Although all the ice in the area has long since melted, there are still good numbers of gulls going in to roost at Valmont Reservoir. California Gulls are now abundant, about 1/3 of the birds present this evening and last. On my ride over to Legion Park from the office, I spotted a MOURNING DOVE (#97) on Westshore Dr. As I set up my scope on my already crippled tripod, the little knob that is used to screw the scope to the mount snapped off. Now it's missing 2/3 of a leg and I can't attach the scope. I can still balance the scope on top which seems to work just about as well as before. Piece of junk, but trustworthy. I scanned the gulls a few times, and was disappointed not to find my target Franklin's Gull (there were 9 here last night). I took a minute to study the local male Red-tail that was perched on his favorite utility pole below the overlook, and when I looked back at the gull flock 5 adult FRANKLIN'S GULLS (#98) had materialized.

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