Sunday, May 18, 2008

Too much sleep

I had ambitious plans to embark on a Big Green Big Day on Saturday, May 17th. But when I woke up and saw that it was light outside, I knew I had blown it. I had slept through my 3:30 am alarm and woke up at 6 instead. I decided that an all out epic bike ride would probably kill me anyway, so I just rode up to the OSMP Lindsey property where I work every day to track down some neat things I've been seeing up there. I made a stop by the Mesa Trailhead first to see if there was anything good around. Here I picked up YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT (#180) and LAZULI BUNTING (#181). I hiked around the Lindsey property for a few hours, searching for an Ovenbird I had heard on the 15th and also looking for a Rock Wren up on one of the hogbacks. Didn't have any luck with those two, but did find singing VIRGINIA'S WARBLERS (#182), a SWAINSON'S THRUSH (#183), a LESSER GOLDFINCH (#184) and a COMMON POORWILL (#185) on a nest!

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Misty said...

Christian, your pictures are amazing! No wonder you spent so much money on your camera; it was well worth it! =) I have a question, since I'm an ignorant non-birder: the birds you list are not just ones you've seen for the first time that day, right? You list all species you see, regardless if they've already been checked off your Life List so that others can go to the location to blogged about to potentially see them, too. Right? My internet is back up and running, so maybe I'll bump into you again online in the near future. *hugs*